How to use this site

Our Goal

We have been making  pickguards since 1981.  We want your pickguard to be a perfect fit, both to the body & to the parts you are using.

The Challenge

There are so many variations of the different guitars & their pickguards; sometimes you cannot tell until you try to pin one guard to the other that looks identical, and the differences become apparent.  Further, many of the guitars have the guards hand-fitted around the neck, bridge, etc. This makes it necessary for the customer to do some fitting during installation to get a perfect fit or for the screw holes to line up.


This Site

We have thousands of different routing templates and CNC programs for pickguards, and we add more each week. We are building a library of all our patterns here so that you can find what you need.
We also have a wide range of colors & materials, shown on our "Colors" page.
If you consider all the possible permutations of model, color, left or right hand, plus all the custom pickup & control options we offer, you can see why we are not able to offer a shopping cart & a conventional ecommerce platform at this time; there would be over 100,000 possible items, maybe more!

The price of your pickguard depends on Color, Size, & Complexity of fabrication. We have grouped similar items together in basic price categories. When you click on your item, it takes you to a price page for that category, so the picture may not match your pickguard.

Or, you can contact us to get the price.


What we need
from you

Every pickguard pattern has a number.
Every plastic color has a number.
Our cut lists tell our technicians which pattern to use, and which color to cut.

For example, an  Fender American Standard Strat guard in White/Black/White 3-ply is: PG 295 - 7.
We need the pattern number from our list for your specific guitar model pickguard, and the number of the color you want. Any special instructions can then be added; ie different pickup, no knob holes, left hand, etc.
Every pickguard is made to order for you.

What you can
expect from us

We will fabricate your pickguard with care from the best materials here in California. If you are ordering custom pickups, etc, we will center them and hope to locate them to minimize any cutting on the body that may be required while preserving the integrity of the neck & bridge areas.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions about what we can do; in addition to ou pickguards, we have built over 2000 guitars & have a lot of experience with fabrication & modifications.
We love doing this & look forward to helping you with your guitar project!