We offer Thousands of different model pickguards, any of them
available in any color we offer. Also, we can modify the guard
from how it might have come originally; left-handed, cut for
Humbuckers, P-90, Strat or Tele Singe-Coils, Unusual Hofner,
Magnatone, Lipstick, Teisco, etc. pickups, diferent controls
...all kinds things to help you find your unique sound &
make your guitar One-Of-A-Kind.


Because all Pickguards are made to order, we don't use a
"shopping Cart"; we will reply to your email with a quote
for exactly what you need. You can then arrange payment
by credit card or Paypal. You can speed things up by
completing this form...it is our pleasure to help you
achieve your musical goals!


Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Music Man,Rickenbacker,
Gretsch, G&L and all the others are registered
trademarks of the companies than make those
guitars. We are not affiliated with any of these
companies...we just make pickguards. OK?



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